Jolly Education and Training

Jolly Phonics and Grammar is aligned with the Science of Reading, and provides explicit and direct instruction to develop strong literacy skills in students.

The classroom experience of the Jolly Education and Training team enables them to know what teachers want to get out of a workshop.

The professional development workshops are peer driven with plenty of hands-on strategies.

Jolly Phonics

Jolly Phonics is a high-quality, evidence based systematic synthetic phonics program.

Teachers and students love that the program is multisensory which makes learning fun.

Jolly Grammar

Jolly Grammar is an all-rounded program that involves the systematic teaching of spelling, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary for grades 1-6.


Jolly Education and Training has many training options available including whole school training, classroom demonstrations and staff meetings. 

We also run many workshops throughout the year across Australia.


Jolly Phonics is a multi-sensory synthetic phonics program, aligned with the Science of Reading, which makes learning to read and write achievable for all children.

Jolly Phonics is taught via explicit and direct instruction as part of the approach to teaching reading skills. Jolly Phonics incorporates actions, jingles and stories for each of the 42 sounds which makes learning fun for both the child and teacher. Jolly Phonics teaches children the five essential skills needed for reading and writing. These skills are:
-Learning the letter sounds
-Learning letter formation
-Identifying sounds in words
-Tricky words.

Jolly Phonics has been scientifically researched. The research shows that children taught using a synthetic phonics program perform at a higher level in reading and writing than those who are taught using a whole language approach. Below are links to the most popular research.


Jolly Grammar is the next stage of the Jolly Phonics program.

Jolly Grammar is an all-rounded program that involves the systematic teaching of spelling, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary. Jolly Grammar can complement the science of reading principles by enhancing vocabulary, grammar knowledge, and writing skills through explicit and direct instruction. Jolly Grammar enables children to develop accuracy in spelling and writing through the use of colours and actions.
The Jolly Grammar program explores:
-Spelling rules
-Parts of speech
-Dictionary use
-The tenses: past, present and future.
Jolly Grammar currently provides a grade 1-6 scope and sequence to teaching spelling and grammar.


A Wealth of Knowledge

Every area from planning, implementation, evaluation and assessment is covered. Her follow up support and in-class demonstartions are invaluable.

Supportive Training Program

It makes a world of difference to literacy teaching when you understand the process and how it all comes together. Thanks so much Santina

Awesome Courses

Santina's engaging approach to her professional training sessions are always relevant, evidenced-based and data driven

School Based Training Programs

Santina's expert training with implementing synthetic phonics and how to transfer this to reading and writing has resulted in school wide improvement.